Ubud is one of the must to go place in Bali. It is perfect destination if you really want to experience more Balinese to its tradition. If you are planning to visit Ubud, it is highly recommended to stay at a villa rather than hotel.


And here are the other reasons why you better stay in villa if you have a plan to visit Ubud :

A lot more customized services
You’ll get this privilege when you choose to stay in a Villa. Fresh food from the chef, beauty treatment and all those exclusive that you want to experienced.

More affordable
Compared to staying at hotel, actually stay in a Villa much more affordable. While in hotel some things will be charge to your account but it is a whole package in a villa.

Feel the real “Bali”
Residing in a villa instead of a hotel is a superb chance to see the true colors of Balinese people. Ubud is the rice field capital of Bali with rice paddy views and the art and culture center of Bali.

Even though an exclusive villa must have its own security staff, nearly every Balinese village and community has its one of a kind system of protection. Mysterious guests are instantly recognized as unknown people to the vicinity and their activities are strongly monitored.

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You haven’t had enough of Bali for sure. After a snorkeling, diving, reading books at the beach or have a dining experience with a beautiful view, you can complete your journey by buying and hunting some unique souvenirs in Bali. The island is a treasure chest for fine art and handicrafts, antiques, painting, jewelries, carvings, woven and dyed fabrics, and basically other art you can’t find anywhere else. Here is the list of best shop for art and handicrafts in Bali :

1. Sukawati Art Market
Locally known as Pasar Seni sukawati, is the most popular tourist market to visit. Here you can find a selection of paintings, handmade accessories, handmade bags, wooden carvings, traditional kites, clothing and other kinds of fabric.


2. The Ubud Art Market
If you’re seeking for some statues, beautiful silk scarves handmade bags and other handmade goods in Ubud, this is the perfect place you could ask for. Located opposite to the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace, make this market very easy to find and it’s daily open for tourist.


3. Guwang Art Market
If you want to avoid the crowd in Sukawati Art Market during rush hours, you can go to Guwang Art Market. It is quite similar and sell some best quality handmade goods too.


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It’s common that Bali is the most popular travel destinations to visit in Indonesia. Bali also well-known as a hidden paradise with breathtaking views, private beaches, beautiful resorts and serve the best Balinese cuisine as well. If you  prepare to go to Bali for the first time, here are several tips that you’ll make your first trip well-organized and unforgettable in this Land of God :


1. Check the weather
It is a big deal to know when is the perfect time and weather to visit Bali. And also, during high seasons, the accommodation can increase up to 25 %.

2. Pick the best hotel deals
Bali has so many luxurious and expensive resorts and villas. But don’t worry, because there some cheap hotels around located strategic too. Make sure that you’ve booked the best deal for the hotel you want to stay.

3. Money matters
If you’re looking to exchange money in Bali, use only authorized money changers with proper offices and always ask for a receipt. But it’s better to use your debit card to get cheapest deal while you’re abroad.

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