Tips For First-Timers Trip To Bali

It’s common that Bali is the most popular travel destinations to visit in Indonesia. Bali also well-known as a hidden paradise with breathtaking views, private beaches, beautiful resorts and serve the best Balinese cuisine as well. If you  prepare to go to Bali for the first time, here are several tips that you’ll make your first trip well-organized and unforgettable in this Land of God :


1. Check the weather
It is a big deal to know when is the perfect time and weather to visit Bali. And also, during high seasons, the accommodation can increase up to 25 %.

2. Pick the best hotel deals
Bali has so many luxurious and expensive resorts and villas. But don’t worry, because there some cheap hotels around located strategic too. Make sure that you’ve booked the best deal for the hotel you want to stay.

3. Money matters
If you’re looking to exchange money in Bali, use only authorized money changers with proper offices and always ask for a receipt. But it’s better to use your debit card to get cheapest deal while you’re abroad.

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