Shopping Like Crazy In Ubud Bali

Lots of shops found through the walkways of Ubud which guarantees you a sweet and memorable shopping trip. Allow me to share a few spots you must try while you’re in Ubud.

The best places to shop in Ubud?

Jalan Raya – Not far away from the Bamboo Gallery and at the beginning of Antonio Blanco’s Museum, you can begin your shopping adventure here at Jalan Raya. For those hunting for antique pieces, artifacts or artworks, make sure to stop by this impressive area. Don’t forget to visit the Neka Art Museum, if you want to find exquisite art pieces. If you would like to find stuff like casual apparels, faux designer items, silver jewelry, or native handycrafts, head to the Monkey Forest Road. Trust me, you will not be dissapointed.


Ubud Market – going even further down the Monkey Forest Road, you’ll discover yourself within the famous Ubud Market. This area supplies a wide range of great things, such as handmade jewelry, fans, fancy handicrafts, baskets and batik bags, and that also at cheap prices. If you happen to be fortunate enough, perhaps you could take pleasure in the market having big and live. Such a thing happens once in 3 days, when women coming from the surrounding towns or villages do buying and selling a huge choice of items, including fruits and veggies.


Batubulan – Now, let’s visit Batubulan. Take a look at the skillfully made carved stones. Having said that, you’ve got to be a knowledgeable otherwise you might need to pay handsomely for some inexpensive work that might have been “made” out of concrete.


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Jalan Hanoman – The street is close to Jalan Raya, and is becoming popular as a destination for shopping in Ubud. Take a look at the Oasis Bali to choose female’s clothing or should you prefer a customized fit, then the Buy Made is an excellent pick. For gifts and crafts, head over to Tegun. This isn’t all. Proceed to Padang Tegal and then make a quick stop at Kirta Kaloka, if you’d like to pay for very expensive and prime quality table cloths, batiks, and napkins made out of cotton and raw silk. Relax and take a break at Bebek Bengil resto or if you don’t feel like stopping, just walk further down to Hare Om Shop for those very simple, yet beautiful cotton garments.

Where you can shop even more in Ubud Bali?

• There are many places for book enthusiasts. For brand new books, take a peek at Periplus Books, or should you want to check second-hand books just to slice through your holiday break, then Ganesha Bookshop is the perfect place.

• With regard to Wind Chimes, have a look at Gogo, found in proximity to Puri Padi.

• in love with Pashmina shawls along with beady tops? Visit River Valley in Monkey Forest Road.

• if you would like to add your gem stone collection, in that case, Ubud Beads is the right place.

• For Indonesian memorabilia, antiques, masks, have a look at Murni’s Warung. If you happen to be lucky, you can get your hands on a number of classic Dutch colonial left overs.

• for good sarongs offered in Bali, visit Ibu Repin Shop which is found pretty much right at the very end of Moneky Forest Road.

The checklist goes on… For that reason, you must uncover Ubud to access a lot more shopping spots!

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