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You know that you should exercise. You know you should get out there and be active, either at the gym, or playing some team sport with your friends. But who has the time? Our days are filled already. You might be able to squeeze in an hour at the health club, or a quick basketball game after work…but only once or twice per week. That’s not enough. At a minimum, the experts suggest we get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Even better, aim for at least 75 minutes of aerobic (activity that gets your heart pumping) exercise each week, and at least two sessions of strength training. Are you hitting those guidelines? Many of us aren’t. “Physical activity” is a rather broad descriptor. It can include taking a class at the local gym or community centre, or walking, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It shouldn’t be so difficult to get 30 minutes each day. But it can be. We wake up, shower, get dressed, drive or take public transit to work, sit at a desk all day, return home, watch some television, and go to bed. Repeat. In a perfect world, we’d all have the time, money, and energy to properly exercise every day, and that includes activity to increase flexibility, strength, and aerobics. Adding an exercise routine to your day can have some wonderful benefits, like greater energy, happiness, and motivation. Can you fit that into your workday? If so, you’re lucky. Do it. If not, you need to find something else. And that means hitting the gym before or after you finish for the day. Unfortunately, that requires a potentially costly membership, and the motivation to either get up earlier or delay going home. Not everyone is willing or able to do that. So what are we left with? Your last option is working out at home. Easier than the gym. Cheaper, too. And it doesn’t require investing in a lot of expensive equipment, either. In fact, you don’t need to buy anything. You can…but it’s not necessary. Look, I get it. You’re busy. Money is tight. But that’s no reason to ignore your physical health. In the modern world, we’re all too stationary, and it’s killing us. Sitting is the new smoking. Get active. Get moving. Get up. Ideally, you can workout on a regular basis for the recommended 30+ minutes each day. Ideally, you’ll include exercises that involve flexibility, strength, and cardio. Ideally, you’ll be able to afford (or willing to buy) a few simple pieces of equipment to help (kettlebell, dumbbells, jump rope). But if not, you can still do something. No money, no equipment, no time…and no excuses.

The Perfect Fitness Program

According to Kevin Steele, physiologist and VP of 24-Hour Fitness Centers, a fitness program is composed of five parts:

  1. A gentle warmup
  2. A cardiovascular (aerobic) workout
  3. Resistance (strength-building) exercises
  4. Flexibility training
  5. A gentle cooldown

Each component is easier to do with equipment (warmup on a treadmill or stationary bike, cardio with the same, or aerobic steps, or a jump rope, resistance training with dumbbells and weights), but it can be done without it, too. No equipment warmup? Walk. No equipment cardio? Run. No equipment resistance training? Use your body weight with pullups, squats, pushups, and crunches. Flexibility? Yoga and stretching poses. Cooldown? Walk. See? It can be done. And you don’t have to complete each element each time: mix and match, but always start with a warmup, and finish with a cooldown. Be sure and increase the length and intensity over time for maximum results and benefits. Other tips include tracking your progress (as well as time spent, number of reps, and so on), planning your workout sessions (schedule them as you would an appointment), and setting goals (weight loss, consistency, building up to more time or greater intensity). There are many exercises you can do at home, with no equipment, to work the various muscles in your body. That’s all well and good, but what if that still requires more time, energy, and effort than you can spare? There’s an app for that.

The 7-Minute Workout

woman working out in living room

Can you spare a measly seven minutes each day? Of course you can. And as the name implies, this workout is both structured and short. And you can literally do it anywhere, in any room of your home. All you need is your body, a chair (or couch, or low bed), and a wall. Chances are you have those things already. The 7 Minute Workout has been around for a few years now (it made its official debut in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal). Designed by Brett Klika and Chris Jordan, the program incorporates 12 simple exercises – each completed for only 30 seconds – with a 10-second rest between each one (admittedly, the math doesn’t quite work out to 7 minutes…it’s just over 8 minutes including the rests). Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s backed by some scientific study and research. The evidence suggests that high-intensity interval training (like the 7 Minute Workout) provides many (though not all) of the same benefits of longer endurance training sessions.

Why It Works

The routine has been designed with those ideas in mind. Interval training requires high intensity and brief periods of rest, which is exactly what 7 Minutes provides. The 30 second exercises should be done at near-maximum intensity (whatever that means for you). It should be, to quote Jordan, “unpleasant”. You need to push yourself hard. Jordan says it should be a sustained 8 on a 1-10 discomfort scale. But no matter how bad it gets, you know that it’s only 30 seconds until your next break. Furthermore, the order of exercises is optimized to allow even greater rest for various muscle groups. One exercise will work the upper body groups, then the next will turn to the lower body. You’re not working the same area for two exercises in a row. Is it better than hitting the gym regularly? No. But if you’re pressed for time, money, ambition, or all three, it’s definitely better than nothing.

The Exercises

push ups

DIY Health

Remember that you need to complete these in order to allow the muscle groups an adequate rest.

  • Jumping Jacks (remember these classics from gym class?)
  • Wall Sit
  • Pushups
  • Abdominal Crunches
  • Step-Ups onto Chair (or steps)
  • Squats
  • Tricep Dips on Chair (or edge of a low bed)
  • Planks
  • High-Knees Running in Place
  • Lunges
  • Pushups and Rotations
  • Side Planks

As with any workout routine, proper form and motion is crucial, so it’s worthwhile to watch an instructional video that shows exactly how to do them properly. You can find dozens online. For free. No excuses. Or you could use one of the countless apps and websites devoted to the program (it’s certainly popular). 7 Minute Workout Challenge app (paid versions for iOS and Android), Android apps, or iOS apps. These will guide you through the workout, and many even keep track of when you workout, how many times, how many calories you’ve burned, and a slew of other features. You need to go full-out, for seven minutes. Even better, the creators recommend doing it 2-3 times in a row (which is still under 30 minutes total). The 7 Minute Workout is not meant as a replacement for regular physical activity. It’s not a weight-loss program, it’s not going to get you ripped and ready to compete in Mr. Olympia, and it shouldn’t stop you from doing more intense, lengthier activity whenever you can. It is not a magic bullet, quick fix, or instant remedy. It is, however, a gateway into a more physical lifestyle. No matter how busy, broke, or lazy you are, everyone can find 7 minutes for their health. And it just might lead to a new, improved you. Start small. Just 7 minutes. No money? No equipment? No excuses.

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Natural disasters are devastating to the communities they hit, causing destruction of infrastructure, homelessness and death. Although the immediate reaction to the effect a natural disaster on the job market would be negative, the situation that arises is a bit more complex…;and actually creates jobs. These are five jobs that are actually created by natural disasters.

1. Old Tech Paradigm

natural disaster

Some economists view natural disasters as an opportunity to rebuild things that were previously outdated such as old facilities, infrastructure and power/telecommunication grids. Sure, it’s a pretty cynical perception to summate a catastrophic event that leaves many people homeless and many others mourning dead, into an economic pattern, but the next job on this list will help restore your faith in humanity.

2. Relief Musician

new orleans katrina anniversary

New Orleans native and musician Branford Marsalis organized what became to be known as the Musicians’ Village, which built 80 homes and the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in the heavily affected and historical Upper Ninth Ward. The center today (a decade after the tragic event) has become a gathering point for the community’s artists and a place young people in the area can attend to take music lessons. Immediately after Hurricane Katrina, Marsalis and fellow musicians traveled to the Astrodome, which became temporary housing for the displaced, to help and play music for the survivors.

3. Relief Worker

relief workers

After almost all natural disaster situations, the areas afflicted become flooded with hundreds of thousands of relief and aid workers. After the earthquakes that ravaged Haiti, thousands of volunteers and crisis specialists including doctors, engineers and construction workers were sent to Haiti to assist in rebuilding and offering healthcare to the affected Haitians. Many countries continued sending help to Haiti to promote development even after the situation had more or less stabilized.

4. Disaster Tourism

alternative tourism

I know, as if humanity couldn’t be more despicable. Yes, there are horrible human beings in the world that chose to travel to places that have been hit by natural disasters out of grim and morbid curiosity. They don’t go there to take food to the displaced, medicine for the sick or build homes for the homeless; they go there for their own sick satisfaction. But there is one type of person that is even more morally deplorable than the disaster tourist: the disaster tourist guide and organizer. An example of such tourism is Chelyabinsk, where a few years ago, a 20 meter diameter meteor exploded over the city injuring 1500 people in the process. Now, not only are local officials looking to create a themed attraction based on the event, local tourist agencies are already offering tours to the location that a large chunk of the meteor was found.

5. Construction Worker/ Skilled Labor

construction workers

This is one of the most widely sought after jobs. After a natural disaster construction workers and skilled laborers are those who will contribute to reversing the devastation of such tragedies. Although they will be exposed to human drama, suffering and tragedy while doing so their job is very crucial to the process of rebuilding civilization.

Are there any other jobs that I forgot to add to my list? Let me know in the comment section below.


This is what we’ve all been waiting for…

…ever since seeing that scene in Tomorrow Never Dies where James Bond drives his BMW remotely while ducking gunfire in the backseat.


The future is here…

In another case of real life technology taking its cues from fiction… BMW has created a car that you can control remotely.

No, BMW hasn’t finally removed those “pesky turn signals.” (USE YOUR BLINKERS, PEOPLE!)

There are several amazing new features and the company is being all cool and secretive; Beemer isn’t even showing their fancy new 2016 design yet! That’s why the car is painted in that crazy camo pattern. Guess they don’t want people getting too hot and bothered over the new model’s sexy curves.

Sexy carbon fiber curves.

BMW is now weaving carbon fiber into the body of the new 2016 7 series. Carbon fiber is super low-weight but really rigid, making the car lighter and more efficient.

Who wouldn’t want to be lighter or more rigid?

Gesture Commands

The new model isn’t just getting faster and lighter… it’s getting more luxurious and tech-filled.

The 7 series offers voice command, touch screen navigation (standard luxury features) but the all new gesture command is the wave of the future. That’s a joke because you wave your hands around to control certain functions. Feel free to laugh now that you understand the reference.

Imagine… you could wave off unwanted phone calls like shooing away a fly or one of your many overeager butlers.

Oh and it parks itself… without you in it!

The coolest new feature is straight out of the future (or, as we mentioned, 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies): The remote control parking function.

You can pull the car in or out of your garage, entirely remotely. No more pesky “entering your garage!”

All thanks to BMW’s new display key. The display key is pretty much what it sounds like, it’s a remote control/LCD control screen.

What exactly can you do from your key? Other than SAFELY DRIVE YOUR CAR WHILE STANDING OUTSIDE OF IT, you can “operate various functions” as it “supplies you with useful information.”

Still waiting to find out if it has bulletproof windows or hidden missiles as an option, though I’m not holding onto hope.


Casino movie

Making money seems like an impetuous goal in this contemporary global capitalist society. Hey, I’m not some bearded socialist douche (well, I do have a beard but my facial hair has nothing to do with my political perspectives). Capitalism is a great system that allows anyone with a great money-making idea to get a piece of their own pie. The thing is, though, that sometimes great money-making ideas aren’t the most ethical, and the following are just a few examples.

This is how to make big money by selling your soul (or humanity, I won’t discriminate).

Fake Ebola Charities

Medical workers

Even these guys were shocked.

I thought I’d open this article with something that happened in more recent history, the Ebola crisis. So, when the outbreak happened and the WHO (the World Health Organization, not the band) started softly poking the world on the shoulder, going: “Um, guys…; hey, guys…; I think we have a problem”, most people immediately sought to help. The more cowardly amongst us ran out and stocked up on surgical masks and hazmat suits (don’t judge, I also wear hazmat suits when I’m gardening). Then you have the deplorable subhuman lizard-people that thought: “Holy shit! We can totally make money off of this Ebola thing!”

The more innocuous of these cretins created medical masks with their brands emblazoned on them, like rapper Cam’ron, but when you’re going to refuse your humanity to make money, why not go all the way? There was a special, rare type of asshole that took it upon themselves to create charity pages for people that were returning to their home countries after contracting the virus while working as aid providers in Africa. That would actually be an honorable thing to do – if they actually gave the money to the infected aid workers. Instead, they actually fattened their own wallets.

Dishonorable Mention

Stockbrokers and investment consultants like Jeff Reeves of InvestorPlace.com recommended that investors put money into companies that produced Ebola pharmaceuticals and hazmat suits. Nice.

Mmm, Riot Money!

They Have Names T-shirt

Sure, you could work hard and make great things…; Or get Instagrammed by Kanye and be done with it.

People have varied reactions to tragedy: some talk about it, some seek out public forums to express their grief, and others create…; as in create sellable products regarding tragedy. This isn’t about tragicrafting, or the type of crafting dedicated to and exploiting tragedy, but rather about a certain young man that was also a fashion designer.

Kerby Jean-Raymond designed a shirt commemorating the black victims of police shootings that eventually lead to the Ferguson, MI riots, which he wore during the 2015 New York Fashion Week, because, as we know, there’s no better forum to display your disdain for police aggression and the irreverent loss of young lives than at a forum dedicated to decadence and thousand-dollar codpieces. Well, soon after a couple of Instagrams and tweets, Jean-Raymond was hounded to sell his shirts, but unlike the creator of the peace symbol (which was not copyrighted and was free for use by anyone that believed in peace), this young, noble fashion designer made a limited edition run (see: expensive) of a 1,000 shirts that were sold at $70 dollars apiece, donating the proceeds from the sales of the first 250 shirts to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an often contested organization. To be fair, he did donate the profits of the remaining 750 shirts (after costs), but I can’t help but think that, considering all the hype, he also promoted himself pretty effectively in the process.

The Vampire of the Caribbean

Papa Doc Duvalier

This his boss, Papa Doc.

Haiti has a very tragic past. In most recent history, it suffered a devastating earthquake of great magnitude resulting in the death, injury, and displacement of thousands of Haitians. But it goes back much further than that: when Christopher Columbus arrived on the island known as Hispaniola (home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic), he and his crew created multiple deadly epidemics to break out amongst the local population due to their lack of immunity to European pathogens. The rest of the locals were forced to work in gold mines and plantations. Then the French came and were given part of the island which they in turn immediately turned into a slave colony which was infamous at the time for its brutality – historical documents show that a third of all slaves taken there would die within their first few years.

Eventually, the Haitians proudly revolted against their oppressors and established their own rule, but things went south again. After years of strife and occupation, the dictator in the Dominican Republic ordered the slaughter of 20,000 Haitians living on the border between the two countries, and the murderous dictator, François “Papa Doc” Duvalier, was later voted President in 1957. During this period, his paramilitary group, led by Luckner Cambronne, murdered thousands of their countrymen and women…;

But it gets darker because history always does. Cambronne, while enacting the genocide of Papa Doc’s dissidents, thought that he should be making more money murdering people, so he started selling the bodies of the slain to medical universities around the world. I shit you not: history is much more horrifying than even the most masterfully crafted horror movie. But, of course, history just keeps getting scarier and Cambronne was getting greedier, so he started snatching bodies from funeral homes, too – it was quite a frequent phenomenon that mourners would arrive at a funeral parlor to find an empty casket.

Finally, because greed and messed up shit go hand in hand, Cambronne found a market for blood, which he took at gunpoint and under threat. He was such a prolific blood seller, and combined with the fact that his methods of sourcing the blood were dubious at best, some speculate that he heavily contributed to the AIDS epidemic. After “Papa Doc” died, Cambronne fled to Florida where he died a peaceful death…; because fuck karma.

Definitely Not Schindler

Docteur Petoit

The man that chose to kill and profit over saving.

If you are unfamiliar with the title I used for this entry, it refers to the Spielberg movie that tells the story of a German industrialist member of the Nazi Party that saved 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his factory. Dr. Marcel Petiot, on the other hand, was a Frenchman without any affiliations to the Nazi Party, at least initially. He made a living running a fake medical practice which doled out addictive pharmaceuticals (those customers just keep coming back) and enacting the occasional illegal abortion.

The differences between Schindler and Petiot go well beyond that, though, because, during the German occupation of France, Dr. Petiot spread the word that he was helping Jewish refugees flee the German occupiers that were catching and sending them to concentration camps. For a lean 25,000 francs, he would make sure the refugees would be free of the Nazis’ murderous clutches. He would convince the refugees that they needed to be vaccinated to travel, but would instead murder them.

Eventually, a fire broke out at Petiot’s home, and police encountered a horror rivaling that of war. Dozens of bodies – inside the house, in the basement, and in the adjacent stable – were found covered in quicklime (a caustic powder used to make plaster that can also dissolve bodies). They also found a bag with a headless corpse that was missing its organs, because yet again history needed to prove itself as completely and utterly pants-crapping-ly horrifying. The authorities at the time estimated that, judging from the amount of bodies, Petiot had made – wait for it…; – 200 million francs from the fees and the personal belongings of the deceased. For the sake of sanity, though, Petiot received his comeuppance in the form of execution by guillotine shortly after.

Everyone is looking to transform their body. Creating a workout routine that will allot them time and quick results. Matching a diet to the perfect workout regiment can prove to be tough. Its even harder to stick to it. There are plenty of exercises that you may or may not know about. Depending on your fitness goal some of the exercises you are doing may not have a positive effect, if any effect on your body. This list contains some of the most ineffective exercises and why. Some of them are very common and may shock you.

Tricep Bench Dips



Tricep bench dips focus on building strength in the triceps. In actuality this exercise puts unnecessary stress on the shoulders. It is not a natural position for the arms to be in. Instead just do regular dips. They are safer and work out the entire arm and not just the triceps. Another alternative to tricep bench dips is the triangle push-up. It targets not only the triceps, but also engages muscles in your chest, shoulders and core.


Memorial Day weekend are the days when many people open their pools for the first time. The long winter is finally over, and people are preparing for the hot, lazy days of the summer ahead.

If you’re opening your pool up, or just want to throw a killer bash to honor summer at someone else’s pool, or a hotel pool, we’ll give you the skinny on how to throw the best damn pool party ever. And this isn’t like your typical pool party: no kids allowed.

Check out our list below for some pool party tips, and remember to wait 30 minutes after eating before going into the pool.

1. Have a pool, or rent one.

Have a pool, or rent one.

First things first. You have to have a pool in order to have a pool party. Don’t have a nice one? May we suggest not buying a kiddie pool and setting it up as your friends arrive? And we don’t really recommend filling a truck bed full of water. There are plenty of places that will rent out pools for private parties, specifically hotels.

2. Invitations


Seriously, no paper invites, that’s way too formal for a pool party. Spread the word on social media, shoot a text, keep it casual.

3. Decor


Don’t get crazy with streamers and balloons. You don’t even really need to decorate at all, unless you’re having a themed party, like a luau. Just have enough chairs and space for your guests, and make sure the area is well kept. Maybe buy a canopy if your yard offers no shade, so people can escape from the sun. If the party is going to stretch into night, have some fire pits set up, you can even hang lanterns around the pool.

4. Supplies


Guests are stupid, they often forget everything except their bathing suit (hopefully.) Be prepared by offering fresh beach towels, white fluffy ones will feel luxurious, or you can get colored ones to make it pop. Have sunscreen and maybe some pool supplies like goggles.

5. Food


It’s important to keep things light. The go-to is usually hot dogs and hamburgers, but it’s a little more sophisticated to have wraps, or baguette sandwiches. Make sure you have a lot of snacks to keep people entertained throughout the day, like fruits. Salads with mint will refresh your guests, but I personally prefer a nice caprese salad. Fish tacos cooked on the grill are a big hit as well.

6. Drinks


Sorry to say, but it’s not a good idea to have hard alcohol around open waters. Stick to light beers, I like Corona and lime, mix up a nice sangria, or have one signature cocktail already prepared. Gin and tonics are a nice summer drink, but too much gin probably isn’t going to be safe.

7. Pool Furniture

Pool Furniture

You need somewhere for your guests to sit. It doesn’t have to be fancy, honestly. Just someplace where your friends can lie out in the sun and relax.

8. Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles

Or a beer funnel?

9. Games


Cornhole is a classic game to set up for any outdoor party. Horseshoes take a little more work to set up, but are just as fun.

10. Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank

My friends and I used to get really drunk, set a long piece of wood from one side of the pool to the other, and attempt to walk across it without falling in. It’s a game that’s only fun if you didn’t listen to my “keep it light” comment when it came to drinks.

11. Pool Toys

Pool Toys

You’re an adult, you don’t necessarily need pool toys. But there’s nothing wrong with grabbing some pool rafts so your friends and you can float around. Why not purchase a floating beer pong table?

12. Music


Music is something that is so important, but not enough people think about it before the actual moment when someone says, “Oh, we should put some music on.” For pool parties, if it’s a bunch of my old friends getting together, I like to make lists of music we used to listen to. N*SYNC is always a hit. If they’re new friends, think about your set list before. Katy Perry Pandora is great for pop, or you could custom make a playlist.


Everyone’s metabolism is different and genetics plays a major role in how fast your body burns fat. However, there are several lifestyle choices you can make that will give your metabolism an added boost.

Exercising, getting at least eight hours of sleep each night and adding more of the foods below to your diet are all key factors that will help keep off the extra pounds.



Adding hot peppers to your daily diet is a great way to give your meals a flavorful kick. A major bonus is that they contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that is known to increase metabolism as well as blood circulation. Peppers are also very high in Vitamins A, C and B-6.



Numerous scientific studies have proven that green tea will boost a person’s metabolism. It contains a compound called EGCG that also acts as a potent antioxidant.



Vegetables high in fiber and water like broccoli will help you feel full and can increase fat burning by up to 30%. This cruciferous plant is also very high in Vitamins A, C and K, as well as several antioxidants.



If your body is iron-deficient, it is unable to work properly and won’t burn as many calories. A cup of lentils will provide roughly a third of your recommended daily iron intake. They are also known to reduce blood cholesterol due to their high levels of soluble fiber.



The ability of garlic to break down fat makes it an ideal food choice if you’re looking to increase your metabolism. In addition, garlic has been proven to increase levels of glutathione, an antioxidant that can prevent liver damage.



It is more difficult for your body to break down whole grains — therefore, you burn more fat in the process. Many are also high in fiber which adds to your metabolic boost.



It’s true that milk does a body good. Studies have shown that food and beverages high in calcium help your body metabolize more fat. Milk is also a good source of riboflavin, thiamin and several essential vitamins.



Numerous studies have proven that coffee can increase your metabolism — and you should opt for regular, not decaf. Evidence suggests that regular coffee drinkers can increase their fat-burning rate by up to 16% over decaf drinkers. Caffeine can also improve exercise performance by as much as 12%.

ryan colsing driving

Did you know that the average American worker spends about an hour a day commuting? While that’s just a median number, most people need more time to get to work, and some even spend up to three or four hours traveling back and forth from home to work during rush hour. From these figures, it is evident that commuting is a big waste of time and also a massive problem for workers. But this isn’t the only bad news in regards to commuting.

No matter if you are driving to work, taking the bus or train; studies have shown that commuting can seriously affect your wellbeing. In fact, a link between travel and burnout has been identified that shows how commuting can have a serious impact on your physical and emotional health. For all you know commuting maybe the reason you are feeling so tired and performing poorly at work.

If you want to know if your commute is killing you, read on:

#1 It Affects Your Sleep

man sleeps at work

You’re more likely to get lower quality sleep if you take a long time to get to work. According to the 2012 Regus Work-Life Balance Index, people who spend more than 45 minutes traveling to work had lower quality sleep and were more exhausted than those who had shorter commutes. People who use any type of transportation to get to work and traveled at least 15 miles go to bed 28 minutes earlier and wake up 50 minutes earlier than their peers.

#2 It Makes You Put on Weight

girls doing cardio

A study of more than 4,000 participants in Texas found that people with longer commutes had lower levels of fitness and physical activity. It makes sense considering that one to two hours a day are spent sitting on a bus or in the driver’s seat and then another eight hours sitting in front of a computer. Hours you could have easily spent at the gym. On top of that commuting makes your body weaker as it causes you back and neck pain that could be affecting your posture.

#3 It Changes Your Mood

frustrated woman

Your daily commute may be affecting your happiness levels and your life satisfaction. As research shows people with commutes of any length experienced lower life satisfaction and happiness than people with no commutes at all. But this doesn’t apply to people who walk or cycle to work who had better mental health scores. Another study by the University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the Cooper Institute found out that people that have a 10-mile commute have more chance of experiencing depression and social isolation.

#4 It Stresses You Out

woman stressed out

Commuting isn’t the highlight of anyone’s day and it’s no wonder it was labeled the ‘stress that doesn’t pay’. Researchers found a commute of more than twenty minutes can make you more anxious, cynical and less productive at work. In the long run, long commutes can make you more susceptible to chronic stress. The severity of the problem hugely depends on your workplace and the conditions in which the trip takes place. Another study showed that people travelling by car felt more stressed out while driving through the city as opposed to those travelling in or towards rural areas. Interestingly those who are sharing the trip and were passengers experienced greater stress because of a lower sense of control.

Companies might be able to help employees with commuting by introducing more flexible arrangements. This should allow workers to be less stressed and more efficient in their work.


Becoming famous isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of talent, effort and dedication to climb to the top and become a celebrity. But once you’re finally there it’s easy for celebs to just live the dream life and forget about the troubles that they no longer have to deal with. After all, they’ve got it made, they can just lounge around their swimming pool, sipping a cocktail, reaping the benefits of the celebrity life they worked hard to achieve. They could just spend all their money getting themselves extravagant cars, houses, helicopters and private islands, and a lot of them do just that. But there are exceptions. There are celebs who choose to donate their money to charities or spend it on others, funding the causes they believe in. These are the celebrities with a heart of gold.

1. Ellen Degeneres
Ellen Degeneres is really generous when it comes to donating her time and money to good causes. She’s a big believer in animal rights and supports a lot of charities that help animals, one of them being The Gentle Barn, which provides homes to abused animals. She has supported around 50 charities, the most notable ones being the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Artists Against Racism, Children’s Health Fund, Everyone Matters, Feeding America and The Trevor Project. She also always make sure to set aside time on her show to feature people who need help and raise money for good causes. She once even dedicated a whole season of her show to helping viewers in need. She’s also no stranger to surprising people in need with gifts and huge money certificates to help them out.

2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lot on their hands, what with managing their busy lives and taking care of their many children. But they always find time to work with charities and donate money to causes they believe in. They even created their own Jolie-Pitt Foundation, that’s dedicated to eradicate extreme rural poverty. Each year they donate millions of dollars to various charities, including but not limited to Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, SOS Children’s Villages, Kids In Need Of Defense, Cancer Schmancer Movement and Women in The World Foundation.



1. Shave with conditioner.

Shave with conditioner.

Don’t ever buy shaving cream again. Use conditioner instead of soap, it will soften the hair and make shaving 1000 times easier.

2. Get rid of puffy eyes using raw potatoes.

Get rid of puffy eyes using raw potatoes.

Your roommate may think you’re crazy, but potatoes are an astringent, that means they help decrease water retention and demolish dark circles. Wash, cut, and place the potatoes on your eyes for ten minutes. Rinse with warm water afterwards.

3. Put toothpaste on your pimples.

Put toothpaste on your pimples.

Don’t ever pop your zits. Not only does it make them more noticeable, but it’s incredibly unhealthy. Make sure to use actual paste, not a gel, and put it on a zit before you go to bed. The toothpaste will dry it out, shrinking the zit, and draw out the oils clogging the pore.

4. Exfoliate with household products.

Exfoliate with household products.

For whatever reason, buying exfoliate scrubs are super expensive. Don’t waste your money, you can make this in surplus at home. There are numerous recipes online to create a sugar-scrub. Combine honey and brown sugar, or coffee grounds.

5. Brighten your hair with apple cider vinegar.

Brighten your hair with apple cider vinegar.

The cheapest, and quickest, way to brighten up your locks is to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. It removes product build-up, without stripping hair of its natural oils.

6. Use Pepto Bismol to prevent breakouts.

Use Pepto Bismol to prevent breakouts.

There’s no need to spend a huge amount of money on products that promise to help your acne. Cover your face in a light layer of Pepto, and when it dries, wash it off. It tightens your skin, and reduces redness.

7. Natural black-head removal.

Natural black-head removal.

Before bed, put four to five drops of honey on a lemon wedge and rub it on your trouble spots. Leave it on for five minutes before rinsing it off.

8. Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo for makeup removal.


Make-up removing products are ridiculously expensive. This baby shampoo works just as well, and because it’s so gentle your skin will thank you.

9. Don’t throw away your old mascara brush!


If you have unruly eyebrows, an old mascara brush, covered with a light spritz of hairspray, is the easy way to tame them.

10. Drink water!

Drink water!

You know you need to drink it. Everyone tells you every chance they get to make sure you’re drinking enough water. Why aren’t you drinking enough water? Just get a glass of water right now.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

So, have you ever been so fed up with everything that you just thought: “F*ck it, I’ll make my own country!”? Of course, you haven’t! It’s not like you’re insane. Lucky for me, and for the sake of your entertainment, there have been people out there that did say “F*ck it, I’ll start my own country!” and actually did to varying degrees of success. These are three people who created their own countries.

1. Prince Paddy Roy Bates – Principality of Sealand

Principality of Sealand

The perfect place for the person that hates humanity.

No, it’s not some kind of aquatic mammal theme park, and shame on you for getting excited for one…; go watch Blackfish right away!

The Principality of Sealand was founded by Prince Paddy Roy Bates in 1967, an ex-British military man (that ex refers to both “British” and “military”) after occupying the Roughs Tower sea fort just outside of British territory in international waters. It has a constitution, a flag, a coat of arms, a national anthem, and it even issues passports. Not only is Sealand considered to be one of the smallest countries in the world, it is also one of the few that has seen armed conflict.

In 1978, a gentleman named Alexander Achenbach hired mercenaries to storm the fort and enact a coup d’état in Sealand. In an insane real-world version of Waterworld, but with more British people (which probably would have benefited the Hollywood version), the attack was carried out on jet skis, speedboats, and helicopters. Major Master Bates and his wife were in England at the time (on what I assume was laughable diplomatic meetings with low-level public servants), but his son Michael that was sucking at literally holding down the fort was taken hostage.

Michael then pulled a Die Hard and managed to use stashed weapons to capture Achenbach and charge him for treason against Sealand – Alexander was a possessor of a Sealand passport – and was held unless a fine of $35.000 was paid to the state…; or principality, I should say. After that, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands petitioned the British government for his release.

When Achenbach was finally released, he went on to establish the Rebel Government of Sealand which he considers to be the official government in exile…;

2. Jacob Ludvigsen – Freetown Christiania

Woman riding bicycle in Christiania

Doesn’t look that bad, does it?

The founders are pretty anonymous here, so I’ll instead talk about the man that declared the area open: Jacob Ludvigsen, a well-known Provo and journalist.

Christiania was a sprawling abandoned military base which was commandeered by surrounding residents so their children could go play. People started squatting on the property, and it soon became an impromptu demonstration against high housing prices in Denmark.

It further evolved into a creative hippie commune with its own electrical plant and legal weed…; well, relatively legal. Although the Danish government looks the other way, again relatively, once in a while, they will go into Christiania and bust some hippie heads, confiscating what I imagine is enough weed to get every single man, woman, and child in Denmark high.

Today, the complex is an entire neighborhood, occupying a sprawling 84 acres and housing 850 residents.

3. Kevin Baugh – Republic of Molossia

President Kevin Baugh

He dresses like a dictator because he likes their fashion sense… his words, not mine.

Easily either the most self-aware or the most insane, the Republic of Molossia is located in Nevada and claims a national bank, a postal service, and a communications network, amongst other amenities. They even have their own space program that basically involves a cardboard eclipse viewer…; that’s it. Molossia has its own YouTube channel, because what country doesn’t have a one?

You have to give it to Baugh, though – someone that looks like a discount store Gadhafi – because when making a presidential speech, it’s directed to his wife and their two children…; the Republic of Molossia’s entire population.



We all need a good vacation in order to relieve that extra stress weve been feeling for some time. But what happens with that extra baggage you are carrying with yourself? We are not talking about your bags and clothes, we are talking about those extra pounds youve been carrying along? Usually, people have the very best intentions to lose extra weight because, you know, they will be more active while they are on vacation. But there is a catch- that stress relief we mentioned can influence your overindulging yourself with food. That being said, you might enjoy a bit too much in French fries and alcohol. Follow these 15 tricks and you will not gain a single pound on your vacation!

Woman slap alarm clock

Sleep good. Waking up bad. Going to bed at night is awesome. Getting out of bed in the cold, dark morning sucks [insert gross, disgusting thing here].

We’ve been hearing for years about the importance of sleep. We need it to recharge, refocus, and maintain our sanity (quite literally). We need the right amount (typically 7-8 hours), the right temperature in the room (anything above 68°F is too warm for optimal sleeping), the right amount of noise (absolute silence for some of us, and some kind of soothing white noise for the rest of us), and darkness. Absolute darkness. Even your bedside clock light could be affecting your sleep.

But that’s not all you need to know. Yes, the quality of your sleep is important, but so is how you wake up in the morning. Not all methods are created equal. How you get up can set the tone for the rest of your day.

For most of us, we use a traditional radio alarm clock on the table beside our bed. We set the alarm, set the radio station or beep, and hit the hay. But what do you do when the alarm clock screams its unholy screech the next morning? You hit the snooze button and roll over again. And then you do it again. And possibly again. A USA Today survey found that over one-third of American adults hit the snooze button at least three times each morning.

So, what’s the big deal? The extra time between the sheets can only be good for us. Extra sleep is always better than no extra sleep, right? No. In fact, most experts agree that you’re making it harder on yourself when you hit that snooze button even once. When your alarm goes off, your brain and body begin to reboot and transition from sleep to awake. By hitting the snooze button and closing your eyes again, you’re throwing that routine into chaos. Nobody knows what’s going on (a confused brain is not a productive brain). As a result, you can end up feeling more tired than if you just got up in the first place.

The simplest solution? Avoid the snooze button. Set your alarm for the time you actually need to get up. And then get up. If you know you don’t have the willpower to resist the allure of the snooze, consider placing your alarm on the other side of your bedroom. You’ll be forced to get up to turn it off…; and once you’re up, you’re more likely to stay up.

Or you could try one of these unusual alarm clocks. They get the job done.

1. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Many people swear by the effectiveness of exercising first thing in the morning. The rest of us ain’t buying it (to be fair, the evidence does suggest it’s a good idea…; I just don’t want to do it). Enter the Dumbbell Alarm Clock (Amazon, $22). It has a digital display on one end, but other than that, it looks like a regular dumbbell. The alarm has two settings: normal, which requires that you pick it up once, and dumbbell mode, which requires that you complete 30 repetitions of a bicep curl in order to turn the alarm off. It’s not heavy enough to give you arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, but you’ll have to at least sit up in bed to complete the motions. If you’re sitting up in bed (if not standing beside it) having completed 30 reps, you’re awake. Get up.

2. Flying Alarm Clock

The problem with traditional alarm clocks is their placement. They’re right beside us, within arm’s reach, making that snooze button pretty damn handy. The Flying Alarm Clock (Amazon, $14.99) fixes that. The base looks like any other alarm clock: digital display, a few buttons, but when the alarm goes off in the morning, the top part takes off…; literally. It launches a helicopter section up and away from the base unit. You’ll have to get up, locate the top section (the key), and return it to the bottom in order to turn the alarm off. That’s the only way. Getting out of bed is the worst part of the morning, but once you do (say, in order to find a helicopter), you’re usually tickety-boo.

3. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Alarm clock on wheels

Much like the flying alarm, this one operates on the premise that if they can get you up and out of bed, you’ll be good to go. The Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels (Amazon, from $35) looks something like a toy tank with a simple digital clock face. When the alarm goes off, the unit gets going. It can safely drop from a three-foot-high nightstand, and once it hits the floor, it will take off in a random direction to “hide”. You need to find it and hit the off button. Getting down on the floor and searching under the bed for a robotic alarm that is actively trying to escape you may not sound ideal, but you’re definitely awake and ready to tackle the morning.

4. Dangerbomb Alarm

The Dangerbomb Clock (Amazon, $87.60) looks like an explosive device you’d see in the movies. To turn it off, you must defuse the “bomb” by disconnecting the color-coded wires in the right order (and the order changes each morning). The premise is that you: a) have to do a little thinking, which should kick-start your brain, and b) you can’t do it while lying down on the bed.

5. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

So far, the alarm clocks on this list all require you get up and do something. That can be very effective, but it’s not the only way. The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock (Amazon, $31.99) looks in many ways like a regular alarm clock but with one very important difference: it’s loud. Very loud. The alarm is an ear-shattering 113 decibels. For comparison, truck traffic is about 90 decibels, a hand drill is around 98 decibels, a motorcycle is 100 decibels, and a rock concert is roughly the same at 115 decibels. So, yeah, it’s loud. But that’s not all: the display has large pulsating lights, and there’s even a vibrating unit that goes under your mattress or pillow. Try sleeping through all of that.

6. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Alarms – even the ones on this list – can be somewhat jarring. They wake you up with a loud noise or force you to jump out of bed to find something. There is a gentler, more relaxing way, though. The Philips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock (Amazon, $114.99) simulates sunrise over a 30-minute period. If you set your alarm for 6 am, it’ll start to gradually fill your room with light at 5:30 am. This is often enough to gently wake most people up (after all, rising with the sun is what humans did for thousands of years). Once it hits the alarm time, you have a choice of five nature sounds (or the radio). It has 20 brightness settings and is so bright, in fact, that it can be used as a reading light. Independent studies conducted by third-party researchers found that 92% of users found it easier to wake up and get up when using this device.

A few other interesting options include the iQ Alarm Clock (you must answer on to three questions of various difficulty), the Sub Morning (the clock must be fully submerged in water to turn it off), and the Alarm Clock Carpet (a floor mat with digital display that you must stand on with both feet to turn the alarm off). These three are still in the development phase, but they sound promising.

Waking up sucks. There’s no changing that. But a better alarm clock can take it from “really sucks a lot” to an improved “sucks”.


The modern world is a stress incubator. Actually that statement is a bit of an underestimation; the modern world is a stress brewery. It takes simple things such as the desire for a better life, a strong work ethic and the need to provide for your loved ones and makes it into heart-attacks. The funny thing is that researchers are now saying that stress and its negative health effects are a matter of perception, but I won’t get into that quite yet.

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Here are three ways to work with and not against stress and how to use stress productively.

1. Stress Perception

According to psychologist Kelly McGonigal, if you perceive stress as negative it will affect you in an adverse way. Stress is fundamentally a survival mechanism: the body sends extra oxygen and nutrients to parts of itself that will maximize its survival chances. The liver is told to produce a hormone that increases blood sugar for an extra kick of explosive energy, the blood is flooded with adrenaline (also known as epinephrine) which increases heart-rate and blood pressure and the respiratory system works harder to maximize oxygen intake. Short term stress can even boost your immune system. While long term stress will make those systems and mechanisms go hay-wire and actually damage the body, momentary stress practically gives you super-powers! Another study done by MIT in 2013 (referenced in this article on mensfitness.com) talks about the distinction between the perception of stress when negotiating; although both groups experienced the same physical effects: increased heart rate, rapid shallow breathing and jitteriness, the people that enjoyed negotiating actually perceived stress as excitement, whereas the individuals that didn’t like negotiation perceived it as anxiety and stress.

2. Hemispheric Priming

stressed out

Dependent on the activity that you are engaging in you might need to use the right or left side of your brain, left is for analytical/linguistic task, right is for spatial/perceptual tasks. According to research done by scientists at the Faculty of Sport Science, Technische Universität München, München, Germany, hemisphere priming actually helped against motor skill failure – or folding under pressure, choking – in professional athletes, meaning that preparing the right (spatial/perception) hemisphere by simply squeezing a ball in their left hand actually increased their performance under pressure.

3. Stress Reaction

stressed woman

A stress reaction is series of actions a person enacts during time of psychological distress. Often it’s cleaning your house, getting a haircut or organizing your work space. These actions can actually be beneficial and help distract you from ruminating on the items creating the stress and it’s also a way of exhausting the excess amounts of blood sugar and adrenaline in your system that are produced as a reaction to stress. Of course, that is taking into consideration that your stress reaction is a positive one. Especially in a business environment and more specifically in sales a manager’s stress reaction might be micromanaging his/her sales team, pending meeting financial goals. This will most definitely damage sales, preoccupying the sales staff with rapid changes in policy, demotivating the sales personnel and making them concentrate on their conduct instead on their job.

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Are there any other tricks you know to manage stress and make it work for you? Let me know in the comments section below.

Ubud is one of the must to go place in Bali. It is perfect destination if you really want to experience more Balinese to its tradition. If you are planning to visit Ubud, it is highly recommended to stay at a villa rather than hotel.


And here are the other reasons why you better stay in villa if you have a plan to visit Ubud :

A lot more customized services
You’ll get this privilege when you choose to stay in a Villa. Fresh food from the chef, beauty treatment and all those exclusive that you want to experienced.

More affordable
Compared to staying at hotel, actually stay in a Villa much more affordable. While in hotel some things will be charge to your account but it is a whole package in a villa.

Feel the real “Bali”
Residing in a villa instead of a hotel is a superb chance to see the true colors of Balinese people. Ubud is the rice field capital of Bali with rice paddy views and the art and culture center of Bali.

Even though an exclusive villa must have its own security staff, nearly every Balinese village and community has its one of a kind system of protection. Mysterious guests are instantly recognized as unknown people to the vicinity and their activities are strongly monitored.

Read more here !

You haven’t had enough of Bali for sure. After a snorkeling, diving, reading books at the beach or have a dining experience with a beautiful view, you can complete your journey by buying and hunting some unique souvenirs in Bali. The island is a treasure chest for fine art and handicrafts, antiques, painting, jewelries, carvings, woven and dyed fabrics, and basically other art you can’t find anywhere else. Here is the list of best shop for art and handicrafts in Bali :

1. Sukawati Art Market
Locally known as Pasar Seni sukawati, is the most popular tourist market to visit. Here you can find a selection of paintings, handmade accessories, handmade bags, wooden carvings, traditional kites, clothing and other kinds of fabric.


2. The Ubud Art Market
If you’re seeking for some statues, beautiful silk scarves handmade bags and other handmade goods in Ubud, this is the perfect place you could ask for. Located opposite to the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace, make this market very easy to find and it’s daily open for tourist.


3. Guwang Art Market
If you want to avoid the crowd in Sukawati Art Market during rush hours, you can go to Guwang Art Market. It is quite similar and sell some best quality handmade goods too.


To know more recommended place to buy a handmade craft in Bali kindly check this link !

It’s common that Bali is the most popular travel destinations to visit in Indonesia. Bali also well-known as a hidden paradise with breathtaking views, private beaches, beautiful resorts and serve the best Balinese cuisine as well. If you  prepare to go to Bali for the first time, here are several tips that you’ll make your first trip well-organized and unforgettable in this Land of God :


1. Check the weather
It is a big deal to know when is the perfect time and weather to visit Bali. And also, during high seasons, the accommodation can increase up to 25 %.

2. Pick the best hotel deals
Bali has so many luxurious and expensive resorts and villas. But don’t worry, because there some cheap hotels around located strategic too. Make sure that you’ve booked the best deal for the hotel you want to stay.

3. Money matters
If you’re looking to exchange money in Bali, use only authorized money changers with proper offices and always ask for a receipt. But it’s better to use your debit card to get cheapest deal while you’re abroad.

Find more tips at this link !

Bali happens to be an island of desires famous for its stunning natural splendor and romantic background scenes. Although it definitely is among the list of globe’s top spots for lovers, it’s also perfect for family getaway. Regardless of the age of tourists, a Bali vacation will undoubtedly be packed with breathtaking sights, adventure and an opportunity to consume learning possibilities right along the way.

You can find lots of good reasons that blend for making Bali holidays a terrific option for family activities. Once this Indonesian island is going to be a destination, groups of all age compositions and sizes will see such aspects stick out for making Bali a fantastic pick:

The Weather in Bali


Even though there exists a rainy season that goes around December to March, Bali happens to be postcard fantastic regarding weather month in month out. With temperature ranges between twenty and thirty-three degrees Celsius, there’s tiny reason for you to worry being forced to waste days inside of Bali resorts to wait out bad weather. And even throughout the wet season, the storms usually appear in the night hours.

The Fun you can Experience Outdoor


Visiting Bali while not exploring its all-natural marvels would be similar to visiting USA’s Disney World while not ever once taking a ride. It simply would not be wise. The outdoor pursuits for households that go to Bali are practically countless. From the spotless white sandy beaches to the spectacular fog-covered mountain tops, Bali and the truly amazing outdoor environment just simply go together. People during a Bali vacation will quickly realize they can enjoy things like swimming, bike, water ski, hike, white water raft, golf, horseback ride and perhaps embark on trips to volcanoes. There isn’t any end to the opportunity of out-of-doors excitement anytime a Bali trip begins.

The Tourist Attractions


Just from looking at the the elephant safari and monkey forest to the various art galleries, retail stores and diners, Bali has absolutely no lack of tourist attractions that are appropriate for group activities. The island’s countless interesting attractions are practically all deemed family safe.

The Holiday Accommodations


Accommodations in Bali are meant not just for lovers, but likewise for households. In case a a bit more room is required than an ordinary hotel could provide, Bali apartments and villas can offer households the room they require to expand.

The History

The history of the island goes back millenia into prior times. Tourists in Bali will see that temples built more than a 1000 in years past still remain and this historical places can be found all over Bali. Some of these temples include Tanah Lot and Pura Besakih, and teenage visitors should have lots of possibilities to discover the Indonesian culture over time.

The Cost

To have an incredibly memorable Bali holiday, the cost doesn’t have to be expensive. People will discover that Bali holiday accommodations are very affordable in cost as are most top tourist attractions around the island.

Though Bali is a wonderful holiday destination for newlyweds, it provides family members an abundance of enjoyment. A Bali vacation can accommodate tourists of different ages that will probably be blown by the island’s great beauty, various attractions and historical past that endures.

If you are looking to reserve vacations to Bali, then look for Bali resort, other tourism information and Bali organized tours on the internet.

Kampung Sampireun

There are various factors on why you choose to prepare your Bali trip. It might be that you have actually been trying and convince yourself that this very moment is a wonderful time to go for a refreshing minute, or you dream to please the one you love to embark on the 2nd honeymoon vacation.

Regardless of your cause for organizing your Bali trip, it won’t hurt to know what items should be carried on your trip. Putting some list of needed things for a Bali trip is necessary so you won’t miss out anything. If you plan to go with others, it is best that two or three folks take some of their time, planning and coming up with a set of items they would like to bring on their trips.

You really need to take some time to come up with a plan, so it would be possible to know what things go to whose baggage specifically. This is a good example of the right way to organize your belonging, determined by your holiday location.


Activity # 1: Invest the entire Afternoon at the Beach
When talking about Bali, these 2 places, Kuta and Sanur Beach will immediately come to mind. With that said, you better have time to check out these beaches. Keep in mind that it’s essential to take a few traits with you. To begin with, ask yourself – what will I do at the beach.

Most of the time, you’ll be doing some surfing or sunbathing on the beach. If this would be the case, then you better bring sunglasses, sunblock cream, and of course a surfing board.


Activity # 2: Going on a Town Trip
In my opinion, the best town in Bali is Ubud. Ubud is the recommended place for those of you art lovers. If you’re not into art, then I’m sure you will find some other towns that will fit your style because you are in Bali!!!! Yes, THIS IS BALI.

Once you start preparing for taking the city and town trip, it is important to bring most of these traits: Map, calculator (in case you need to exchange currency on the way) charge card, digicam (to save the amazing moments), mobile phone (to call for help if things went south), hat, and sun glasses (to check out the hot chicks and guys in stealth mode).

So ladies and gentlemen, the above mentioned items are the important traits you need to have with you, determined by the activities during your Bali trips. You should set the list as you organize yourself to accomplish the plan in Bali. Without choosing the proper items, your trip might not be as wonderful as you have actually thought of. So, sit your butt down and start making plan and remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Keindahan Gereja-Gereja Goa

Bali is all you can wish for on a holiday. Living in one of the many deluxe accommodations in Bali is a true happiness. This tropical isle offers a platter of excellent stuff, from coastlines to religious buildings and paddy fields. Choose one of the Bali resorts and you’re in for a joy-ride.

The holiday destination


In case you’re into beach locations, you shouldn’t skip the Sanur beach, Seminyak and Kuta. While on these beaches, you can surf, swim and party. Seminyak has lots of chic retail stores, pubs an such like, and has become one of the most happening beach locations in town! In addition, should you be looking for deluxe hotel from one of the many Bali accommodations, you ought to choose Seminyak. Most of the deluxe resorts in Bali can be found in Seminyak.


Do you like to check out temples? If yes, then you have come to the right place because Bali has many temples that you can explore. Among the most frequently seen temples is the one in Tanah Lot, that is placed over a rock and comes with beautiful views of the oceans, the sunset and also the greenery. It will take approximately 45 minutes to reach Tanah Lot from Kuta. Nearer to Seminyak, you can check out the Pura Petitenget. This place hosts many fascinating ceremonies that are usually performed on the beach. Next is the temple of Uluwatu, not faraway from the famous monkey forest. At this temple, you can see Ramayana performance.


Your visit to Bali will not be completed if you don’t travel to area of Ubud. Ubud is referred to as the cultural HQ of Bali. Feel free to check out various Ubud ceremonies and festivals, museums and temples while you are there or perhaps check out the volcanoes and go forth on a white water rafting on River Agung. Additionally, go to the villages and don’t forget to see the abundant green paddy fields that Bali is renowned for.

Once you choose deluxe accommodation for your stay in Bali, you mustn’t skip on the spa sensation. The island of the gods is popular throughout the world for its massage treatments. A 5-star hotel in Bali is likely to offer you various package deals. Among the list of therapies is named the Mandi Lulur which happens to be focused on exfoliation & softening of your skin. To ready yourself for great adventures, you must try a healthy Balinese massage.

All luxury hotels in Bali come with awesome cuisine. Having said that, make sure you try Bali authentic cuisine. Bali is famous for its tiger prawn dishes to a variety of seafood dishes prepared with the very best of Balinese seasonings. Have an amazing dinner while enjoying the ocean views in candle light as you sip some of the best cocktails your eating place has!

The perfect time to go to Bali is in the April to October. So, prepare your vacation and check out Bali asap!

Keraton Surosuwan